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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the proper instructions for installing parts with 3M tape?
    Please click HERE

  • How long does it take for shipping?
    Once your order ships from us: U.S.P.S will take 2-3 days for priority mail. Shipments going out of the country will take longer due to customs, and border delays. Shipping length of time is not under the control of the shipper. Postal service stated times could be longer due to customs, or peak shipping seasons.

  • Is there proof of delivery for my package?
    All packages are shipped with a delivery confirmation / Tracking number. This simply serves as proof of delivery to the address you designate. It also has an expected delivery date.

  • What shipper do you use?
    We primarily use U.S.P.S. mail. They are generally less expensive than U.P.S. This saves you money, and keeps us from going to different shipping companies each day. This is less confusing for us, because of the large volume of items we ship. However, if you need something shipped by another method, we can do it.

  • How do I know my item has shipped?
    Tracking information is available upon request by sending an email to We do not send the "feel good emails" telling you your item has shipped, and then place it in the mail two days later. We ship five times a week, so generally we try to ship from here in about 3 days. However, REFER TO THE HOMEPAGE OF OUR WEBSITE FOR CURRENT LEAD TIMES. Due to the fact that many of our items have "CUSTOM" options, many of these items cannot completely finished until after the order is placed. When we say about 3 days, we are NOT COUNTING weekends, or holidays.

  • Do you combine shipping?
    We have no problem combining shipping, and we will always combine shipping when we can. Please make this request with your payment. Just to be sure.

  • I need my items by a certain date, what do I do?
    Anticipate this need, and purchase in time for your needs. We can expedite shipping at a higher cost. Under normal circumstances we only give you a shipping date. We are not responsible for postal service delivery times. Our fabrication times are not altered by expedited shipping requests.

  • How do the emblems attach?
    These apply using the very best 3M emblem adhesive on the market. However, no tape is simply peel and stick. The following are actions you must do when applying. Failure to follow these directions will lead to adhesion failure. 1. The area needs to be cleaned very well with alcohol, or a cleaner that will not leave behind a residue. NO WAX!! 2. The warmer the temperature the better, at least 60 degrees (this one is the most important of all). You can use a hair dryer to heat each area up, or a heated garage will also work just fine. 3. This tape is pressure sensitive, and pressure must be firmly applied to each letter. 4. As hard as it may be to wait, do not expose the letters to car washes or water for 24 hours.

  • How do I specify color for my item (if offered)?
    Color options are only available for some items, and that will be in the description. Color should be specified from the drop down selection on the item if available. In some cases we do have colors not listed, so you can call to check with us.

  • Do you make custom items?
    Yes we do this on a daily basis. However these can take around two weeks to complete. The more information you can give to me about what you are wanting, the quicker it will be. You need to send me a sketch or very good description of what you need, and the size, quantites, colors etc.... After I supply you with a quote, I will email you a payment link in our website. After you approve the drawings I send to you, we will make the item you requested. Items custom commissioned and made specifically for you are not refundable. However, If the part is somehow defective we will fix it.

  • How long have you been in business?
    We have been making and selling Stainless Steel items now for more than 18 years. Acrylics, and composites for about 9 years, and added the Hydrocarbon coating service 11 years ago, but stopped performing that service about 4 years ago

  • Do you have a return policy?
    We will accept returns for defective items. Purchasing the correct item is up to the customer. We accept returns for up to two weeks from the delivery date. Please read our descriptions, and ask all questions you may have prior to purchasing. Custom items made specifically for your with unique details are not returnable. If we send you a specifically custom item, and it is somehow defective we will fix it.

  • How do I care for my emblems?
    Treat these pieces as if you were washing your car. No rough or abrasive cleaners and soft rags only. A Windex and vinegar mixture works, extremely well on the polished stainless. Never wipe the stainless with a dry rag.

  • Do these actually fit properly?
    All of our items have been field tested prior to being placed on the market. We also have years of selling these items behind us. If it does not fit we do not sell it. Also GM and Ford, will not license parts that do not fit.

  • Is there a restocking fee for returns?
    This is typically at our discretion, but we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee depending on the item/items purchased. Time to open, inspect, and repackage parts, for resale takes us time. Additionally Sometime rare sales are made where we get custom colored products back, and have to sit on them. For this, we must charge, because we are not setup here for storage. Also when items are returned.... We need to go through the inspection, cleaning, and repacking effort to get them ready to sell again. This is to insure we are selling new, complete parts. This is simply extra time we will have to spend to get them ready for resale.

  • I am having trouble removing the liner from the tape. Is there another way to remove it?

  • Is the Black Mirror Stainless (ONYX Series) really a mirror finish or is it just a black color?
    It really is a mirror. It has all the same reflective qualities as our regular mirror stainless, only it has a black tint to it. See the video below for a demonstration of viewing angles/reflective properties:

  • What is The Monster?

  • Are my packages insured?
    If you select first class shipping they are not. However, Priority mail packages are definitely insured. The insurance covers loss or damage from the postal service.