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98-02 Trans Am WS.6 stainless steel underhood mirror kit - LASER CUT

This is our premium, 8 piece, laser cut stainless steel underhood mirror kit for 1998-2002 Trans Am WS.6 models.  This kit is made with a non-directionally, mirror polished 18GA stainless steel.

Anybody who takes their car to any show needs to have these, because there's a good chance your competition will.

What makes our kit different from competitors':

1 - Some competitors use acrylic instead of stainless.  Acrylic will fail in this application, if permanently installed, because of heat.  Stainless steel will last forever.  Acrylic also has no reflection on the surface, so the reflection comes from the back side of the acrylic, which gives it a "not so desireable" look from any angle other than straight on.  Mirror stainless steel has a reflection on the surface, so no matter what angle you view it from, the reflection is perfect and on the surface.

2 - Our stainless steel also has a uniform reflection from edge to edge.  Some other companies' stainless steel products have distorted edges on them, which causes a wavy reflection along the edges - you won't find that here.  Laser cutting gives you a perfect cut, everytime.  It also doesn't put any pressure along the cut edges like other cutting methods do.  Simply put, you will not find a better product, nor finish from anyone else for this application.

This item is to be mounted with Industrial Velcro for temporary use only, such as at car shows.

****NOTE:  This product is only tested to fit OEM factory WS.6 ram air hoods.****

These will ship with a protective film on the face to keep them from getting damaged.  You will need to peel the film off, and clean up the edges where any adhesive may be present (Very little).  This can easily be done with mineral spirits or Goof Off without damaging the finish.

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