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1997 - 2002 Automatic F-Body Ashtray Switchplate --

You are looking at a custom made switch panel for your ashtray in your 1997 - 2002 Camaro or Firebird with an automatic transmission.  This is made from lasercut, black acrylic, and comes complete with the switches.  This piece fits into your ashtray without modification.

You are allowed to choose how many switches you would like (between 2 - 4), what type of switch you want (On / Off rocker switch, momentary rocker switch, or a cutout/bottle opener switch) and the color of the LEDs in the rocker switches (amber, red, green - applicable only in On / Off switches.).

We also give you the option of typing in custom labels.  For example, you may want a fan switch, so when prompted below, you would type in "Fan".  We will also allow you to choose the color of the lettering .  Here's the cool part - We can cut the lettering into the panel, but leave them uncolored.  This will allow you to place LEDs behind the lettering and make them backlit so you can read them in the dark.  That is completely up to you.

Optional Lettering Color (approximate color):

We have the layout of a 2, 3, and 4-switch panel pictured below:

These will mount with 3M double-sided automotive emblem adhesive tape.


We will only use the 2 types of switches seen in the photos.  If you want a modification of this design, email us.

We will not provide any wiring or instructions other than what is on this page - just the switches.

Important notes:

On / Off switches are for things like cooling fans, nitrous arming, line locks, bottle warmers. Wiring instructions here.

Momentary switches are used for things you only want to happen for an instant, such as nitrous purging.

3-Position switches are used for variable speed cooling fans.  It will be up to you to supply the proper relay.  This switch is a 3-pin switch.

Cutout Switches / Bottle Opener Switches are used for operating cutouts and bottle openers, or anyting else that has a 2-way motor.  These are 6-pin switches that are momentary in both up and down positions, meaning the moment you let go of up or down, they snap back into the off position.

Switch 1 Style
Switch 1 Label
Switch 2 Style
Switch 2 Label
Switch 3 Style
Switch 3 Label
Switch 4 Style
Switch 4 Label
Lettering/Labeling Color
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