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Emblempros Lightable Bowtie Frame for all VISIBLE Bolt Bowties

This listing is for the frame that tapes to the backside of all existing bowties, sold by us, that have a VISIBLE BOLT fastening system.  This will not work with bowties that use the hidden fastening system.  With this kit, you will receive the frame with 3M double-sided tape pre-applied, as well as 4 lockwashers.  We suggest you use Loc-Tite or any other thread locker with this install as well.

You, as the purchaser, will be responsible for lighting the bowtie.  We do not manufacture, nor sell LEDs, so we cannot offer you the variety or warranty service on LEDs as an LED company can provide you with.  You should have a basic understanding of how to wire LEDs as well as basic automotive electrical knowledge.  We will not provide this to you.  If you need that kind of help, just get this professionally installed.

We will, however, provide you with links to purchase some good LED kits at great prices.  One such link is right here:

Above, you will find a complete kit of more than enough wire, a controller, etc.  You don't have to use this kit, it's just a thought.  We used an RGB color-changing kit for our sample, although you can do a single color a whole lot easier if you prefer.  You can also get 90 connectors and ribbon connectors from for the above kit.

In our listing pictures at the top of this page, we show our example of how we wired our LEDs up, and then we show you the end result of the lighting effects.  As stated above, you will have to purchase your own LEDs.  We just show you an example to light it up form behind.  There is no "right way".

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