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2016 - 2018 Camaro RS emblem (Replaces rear Bowtie)

NOTE: Due to the time it takes to make these pieces, there can be up to a 2 week lead time on orders. These are labor intensive parts with many processes. We try to make them in batches so we have them ready to go when they are sold. So, we may have them ready to ship out when you order, but worst case scenario is that we have to build it from scratch.

This is a highly customized RS emblem to replace your factory Bowtie on your trunk lid. If you want to do something about the location of the factory RS emblem, but can't quite get a good spot, this is your solution. We designed this emblem to be the answer for those people who want to make their car stand out from the crowd.

The construction of this emblem is unlike any other we've ever made. We 3D print the frame in several pieces, and fuse them all together to make a solid frame. Then, we hand sand the piece, and do an actual automotive quality primer, black base coat, clear coat paint job. This isn't painted with rattle cans or enamel paint that will peel or chip. We use real automotive paints and equipment. After it is painted gloss black, we laser-cut the insert color of your choice (selectable below) and mate the inserts into the frame to complete the emblem. Even the insert will not chip, flake, or peel. We designed these to be headache free after install. There are emblems out there that use enamel paint, and enamel paint will not last in outside conditions.

The reason that we 3D print the emblem over milling is that milling has limitations to detail. The small details are impossible to achieve with a mill. These are not quick to make, but we believe the finish and detail are second to none.

The emblem comes with pre-applied 3M double-sided automotive tape. Just clean the area with alcohol, let it dry, remove the tape liner and carefully place the emblem into position. Once you're satisifed with location, press firmly over the entire emblem.

NOTE: We have the option to add a laser-etched carbon fiber pattern onto some colors for a small fee. This gives a little more customization to the piece, and even darkens the selected color up slightly from a distance.  Click HERE for an example of our Carbon Fiber Pattern.

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